Rapture Index Score

The Biggest Drop in Recent History!

The Rapture Index Score has been climbing steadily since Mid 2007 when the Bear Stearns collapse signalled financial disaster on the horizon.  The Harbinger does an excellent job of tracing the rapid decline all the way back to 9/11/2001.  Irrespective of the exact starting point, the world has been subjected to the overwhelming and relentless march toward Global Governance and a One World Beast System.  Unfettered by the rule of law and the will of the people, globalists oppressed and governed without accountability.  

An arrogant and wicked US President and Administration weakened the US, promoted open borders, a feckless foreign policy, and relentlessly pushed societal chaos through class warfare and race rioting.   Renegade Judges overturned biblically mandated laws and ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, transgender bathrooms, and against Christians personally.  There has been an unrelenting drive to the end.  

The Unlikely Victors

Then Britain voted to extricate themselves from the regulatory and open borders nightmare that the EU has become.  In the US meanwhile, the most unlikely candidate emerged, fought and beat the globalist establishment in two parties and the corrupt media.  There is NO doubt that this was an intervention from the Lord on both accounts.

His ultimate purpose for the reprieve will only be realized in hindsight but there is again hope for the last Great Awakening.  The timing of events, ultimately the prophecies of the "Last Generation" and the "Technology of the End Times" will not slow down no matter what happens in Global Politics.  Thus, we see the first reprieve in recent history.

This week's Score:  82%

Sign  11/26/16 Change
Antisemitism 9 0
Blind Eyes and Hard Hearts 9 -1
Boasters, Scoffer, Mockers, & Revilers 9 -1
Brutal Men 9 -1
Busyness and Rushing to and fro 9 0
Cashless Society as a precursor to the Beast Government 9 0
Confusion and Perplexities of Nations 8 -2
Convergence of Signs and the Downward Spiral 9 -1
Days of Lot - Vexed Souls 8 -2
Days of Noah - Genetic Manipulation 10 0
Delusional Thinking 9 -1
Demonic Activity 9 -1
Disease/Plagues 7 0
Earthquakes 9 0
Economic Unstability 7 -2
Extreme Weather 9 0
False Teachers, False Doctrine and Itching Ears 9 0
Famine 6 0
False Religions, Cults, and Anti-Christs 8 0
Greed 8 -1
Idolatry 8 -2
Iran 9 0
Islamic Terrorism 8 -1
Jerusalem/Israel Turmoil 10 1
Laodicea - You Make Me Want to Vomit 9 0
Last Generation 9 0
Lawlessness 9 0
Lovers of Self - Narcissism 9 0
Church of Sardis - Protestant Churches Dead and Asleep 8 -1
Mass Animal Deaths 7 -1
Messianic Jews 7 0
Nation against Nation 8 -1
Nationalism (American Idol) 10 1
New Age Christianity and Christians in Name Only 9 0
Occult and New World Order Symbolism 9 0
Persecution 9 0
Philadelphia - the Poor Powerless Faithful Remnant 8 -1
Russia 8 -1
Satanism 8 0
Signs in the Heavens 9 -1
Syria - Destruction of Damascus 10 0
Turkey 7 -2
Violent Protests and Commotions 9 0
Volcanoes 5 -3
Wars and Rumors of Wars 5 -4
Total Raw Score 377 -29
Rapture Index Score 82% 57%

Israel Burning

Rapture Index Score (RIS) is our measure of how close we believe we are to "the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ" (Titus 2:13) based on a number of prophetic factors mentioned in the Bible as pertaining to the time leading up to the Tribulation.  For an expository explanation and in-depth discussions, please refer to our post "How We Measure". 
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  1. This is nothing to laugh about

  2. I truly believe the Great Tribulation is about to begin with the sign of Rev 12 happening on September 27th, 2017. I think the rapture if there is one, will happen within the next four years, after the antichrist is revealed.

    1. Hi Anon, The Rev 12 sign occurs on 9/23/17. Blessings!


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