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Doubt - Gambling with Hell

"…but some doubted."  

Three little words that stand out like a piece of pepper stuck in someone’s tooth.  The phrase is in Matthew 28:17, "When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted."

Disciples at the Moment of Jesus Ascension - From the Movie Risen
Let’s put this in context.  It is the last chapter of Matthew after the disciples had witnessed Jesus’ life, miracles, ministry, death and resurrection.  There, a resurrected Jesus stands before them and when they SAW him they worshiped him, but some still doubted.

What does that passage tell us about human nature?  It tells us many things, mainly that in spite of seeing all of the great events in Jesus’ life, the disciples still doubted.  Why do you think that is?  I think it is because they did not at that time have the Holy Spirit within them.

Jesus Appears to the Disciples
Now it would be easy to stand in judgment of the disciples.  After all they were THERE.  They saw him, they touched him, they ate with him and saw him die and rise again.  Surely, had we been in their shoes we would not have doubted.  I would not be so certain myself.  Perhaps you or others you have know experience a miracles, where everyone at the time KNEW it was from God, only to claim later that it was fate, circumstance. or the wisdom of the doctors that saved them.  Most logical, rational, Western people just are not comfortable with the supernatural.

The Holy Spirit is unique to the church age.  Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we are able to have the Spirit of God inside us at all times.  Prior to Christ, the Spirit of the Lord would come upon people for a period, but that was temporary and He did not indwell the believer.  (Read More)

Scholars and Witnesses who reject Christ in front of them
Without the Holy Spirit we do not even have faith in the things we can see and touch.  That is why people can go to church their whole lives and know in their mind who Jesus is but never make the commitment to let Him into their hearts.  I think that is why so many professing Christians do not bear any fruit. Sadly, I know many of these people.

Are you one?  Are you sitting beside one at church on Sunday?  Have you ever labeled someone who believes the whole Scriptures a "Fundamentalist"?  Do you feel intellectual superiority in your evolved beliefs that look more like the culture than the Word of God?  Do you accept the kernel of doubt in your heart as part of everyone’s faith?  Are you a skeptic of others professed assurance in the veracity of Scriptures and the certainty of Christ?

The Skeptic Gambles with Hell
If so, then you are Christians in name only, a modern Pharisee who sees Christ but hardens his heart and thus refuses to believe the truth.  You have come as far as you can in the Christian walk without asking the Holy Spirit to come into your life; you are gambling with Hell.

As the time of the End draws near, the great delusion of 2 Thes 2:11 is already manifesting itself in the unsaved.  It is the full harvest of the wheat and the tares and is flushing out the church of Philadelphia from the church of Laodicea.  The great apostasy of the latter days is upon us, time is short.

Without the protection and sealing of the Holy Spirit you WILL be deceived.  So if you have doubts, in spite of knowing the truth, ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit to you.  Ask Jesus into your heart and welcome the Holy Spirit.  It's not too late but it will be soon.

(Author's note:  Much of this work was originally written in 2003.  The last day I spent with my beloved Father I showed him this Scripture and told him of this work.  The pride and the pleasure in his eyes on that last day is something I will treasure forever.)
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