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Here at Unsealed we're not just teaching Bible prophecy and covering the news.  We're on mission and we need your help.  The LORD is coming and there is fleeting time left to make a lasting impact for the Kingdom.  For you who have been fed from us, will you now go and feed others?  We're in a brutal war and there are many who still need rescue.  Our ministry continues to offer all of our content freely without running ads and we're committed to remaining free from advertisements and subscription fees.

How you can be on mission with us:

  • Supporting our ministry and online evangelism efforts, primarily through social media.  We run campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands of people with the gospel, but these campaigns cost money.  You can support and expand these campaigns by contributing to our ministry.  We don't pocket or profit.  All of your contribution goes toward its intended purpose.  Some examples of our campaigns can be found here, here, and here.  We have been able to reach individuals in the 10/40 Window with the gospel for as little as $.003.  That's three-tenths of a cent to share the good news with someone who may never have heard it.

  • Distributing comprehensive gospel tracts.  We have begun distributing booklets that include a presentation of the rightly divided gospel, but they also cover biblical Christianity comprehensively.  It's the best sort of tract you can give someone because it systematically answers all of the most important questions someone might have, including why God must exist, why Christianity is uniquely true, why Jesus is the only way, what the gospel is, how eschatology will unfold, and how Christians should live, among other topics.  You can purchase them here for $3.63, or, if you're looking to do bulk distribution, we can purchase them for you wholesale for $2.15 (nearly 50 for $100) and ship them to you direct.  If you'd like to help distribute, please make your contribution using the donate button above and leave a note with your donation.  We will cover any shipping costs.  If you are unable to cover the cost, we can still use your help distributing (email Gary at gary@unsealed.org).

  • Purchasing and reviewing our books.  500 Years and Some Things You Should Know are published works dedicated to the gospel.  The LSV Bible was a major, multi-year translation effort finally completed in February 2020.  Please consider purchasing one or both for yourself and your friends and family.  Leaving a review would also be greatly appreciated.


  • Participating in The Bible-Seed Project.  As Hitler rose to power his repressive regime burned hundreds of thousands of Bibles and pieces of Christian literature.  No doubt when the ultimate man of lawlessness rises to power he will do much, much worse.  The Bible says a time will come when people will wander from "sea to sea" looking for the words of God and not find them.  It is likely that very few manuscripts of the Bible will survive the Tribulation.  While many are looking to store up for themselves food and water, we are asking that you store something far more valuable.  Jesus said, "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  You can help by purchasing Bibles and the gospel booklets mentioned above and storing them in well-hid places.  An inexpensive way to preserve literature for a very long period of time is using Mylar bags with desiccants and oxygen absorbents.  If done properly, each "Bible-Seed" can be preserved for hundreds of years or longer.  We don't provide the Bibles or bags, but you can find them on Amazon for next to nothing—$25 for 50 Mylar bags with everything you need and $2.99 for ESV Bibles.  The only reason we have the first five books of the Bible today is because someone hid the Book of the Law behind the First Temple wall.  When workers were doing work on the Temple under the reign of King Josiah, they found the scroll(s) hidden (2 Kgs. 22).

  • Printing and distributing articles, Left Behind letters, Left Behind tracts, and Left Behind cards.

  • Sharing our articles on Facebook and social media.  This is a very quick and easy thing you can do to make a big impact and it doesn't cost anything.  Some of the biggest impacts have come from organic sharing that made articles go viral on Facebook.  Because someone shared and someone else shared what was shared, they went viral and tens of thousands saw it.

Blessings to all of you and Maranatha!


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