Mark Biltz

Mark Biltz

link (video) link (video) 6/19 - Presbyterian church votes to allow same-sex marriage  (New York Times) 10 Plagues 1. (June/July...
Honey we've left the ledge

Honey we've left the ledge

You know that moment when you're roller coaster finishes the long climb to the top, just before the next 90 seconds of your life turn i...
Psalms 83 growing very close

Psalms 83 growing very close

Iran - no pretense
Read em and weap

Read em and weap

How can you not read these stories and understand the time? Sinkholes - Hell Opening Isaiah 5:14 Weather Severe and Early - Luke 21:1...
Contractions restarting

Contractions restarting

It seems every year for the last few the tension and problems increase just at the Jewish fall feasts unfold (Leviticus 23).  Then there is...


Mark Biltz Scott Clarke Mark Biltz Chuck Missler Grant Jeffrey Jonathan Cahn These men and many many others all know the same ...
Jordan recalls ambassador

Jordan recalls ambassador

Psalms 83 precursor? Republicans coming into office in January.  Do Israel's enemies believe they need to attack now? Link


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