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Honey we've left the ledge

You know that moment when you're roller coaster finishes the long climb to the top, just before the next 90 seconds of your life turn into sheer terror?

The signs are flooding the news now.  So much of the dire circumstance is not even discussed any longer it is so mundane.

This morning:

Attack on synagogue - many are dead.
Iran nuke deadline
Russia build up in Ukraine
All 50 states - deep winter weather
Ebola spreads
Olive Oil blight and shortage (if that doesn't come straight out of the minor prophets I don't know what does)
It's official Washington is unable to help us.  link (the government can't help you, but we're in big trouble - so choose this day who you will serve - my help is in the name of the Lord)
DOW at record heights
Ferguson Missouri ready to explode
Our ability to simply pick up a sample on a comet.  (What will we do when there's a real one headed our way)

Never mind the things we don't talk about any more:

Israel reborn

Acceleration - Convergence - Calamity

Sudden destruction

When you see the roller coaster speed up you know the end is near.

God is order and not deception.  Signs have a purpose.  Listen, repent and share the good news.
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  1. Amen to all you have written regarding what to do in these end times.

  2. Could the rioting in Ferguson spread to other major US-cities as seen by David Wilkerson?

  3. Hi. I was wondering what happened to the Mark Biltz video you posted. I got started watching it and was going to finish today but I can't find it. Will you re-post it? Thanks.



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