Full-Size Replicas Of Most Important Biblical Structures

Over the last year or so the world has seen the completion of full-size replicas of some of the most important structures mentioned in the Bible.  Is this a sign?  Is God trying to get the world's attention?

We've mentioned numerous times the recent completion of a full-size replica of Noah's Ark in Kentucky, called the Ark Encounter - now the largest timber-framed structure in the entire world, but I'm not sure we mentioned the completion of a full-size replica of Solomon's Temple in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Interestingly, the two very things prophesied to happen soon are the coming of Christ "as it was in the days of Noah" and the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, which will be defiled by the antichrist.

There is also now a full-size replica of the Tabernacle of Moses sitting in the Negev Desert:

And here is the Ark Encounter:

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