June 7th: The 50th Anniversary Of Jerusalem Returning To Israel

This Wednesday marks exactly 50 years, or a Jubilee cycle, since June 7, 1967 when Israel conquered East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  On the Hebrew calendar this was celebrated two weeks ago, but on our Gregorian calendar today is 50 years to the day since that momentous event in prophetic history.

2017 is filled with significant date markers like these.  The question is, why?  Just coincidence?

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  1. That six day war was so prophetic. The Jews labored for six days to win that war and then rested on the 7th.

    Rabbi Shlomo Goren who blew the shofar on the Temple Mount turned 50 that year (born in 1917)

    And of course the documentaries about eyewitnesses on both sides of the war and the supernatural things they saw.

  2. There's certainly a lot information about the number 50 alone and its meaning in a prophetic perspective like here http://www.biblemeanings.info/Words/Number/Fifty.htm but on another website I found a quite stunning hint to the 50 sons of the brotherhood and 50 men searching 3 days for Elijah after his RAPTURE (!!) in 2 Kings 2. Please read this passage again, it'll open your eyes on more details regarding who can see the rapture and who can't. This is awesome!! It makes me also think over the 33 days of uncleanness of a woman who birthed a male child in Leviticus 12,4 such as the timeline that br. Steve Sewell has worked out with a 30 day gap until the beginning of Jacobs tribulation period (check out on his Heavenlysign2017 youtube channel) that makes 3 + 30 days easy to count from FoT 9/21/17. Blessings to all of you...

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    2. Very interesting about 2 Kings. I almost didn't see it, but found it later in 2 Kings verse 17.

      The 33 days is also interesting because there are 33 days between the August 21st solar eclipse and the upcoming FOT

  3. Did you see where the U.S. Senate voted on moving the embassy to Jerusalem? Stunning it made so little news, of course it was largely symbolic anyway.


    1. Yes Greg, but Trump signed the waiver finally again like the president before. He wants to get the whole peace deal soon, I guess. (Isaiah 18,15.18)

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