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Iran May Have Received Its First S-300s

Fars News Agency and others are now reporting that Iran has acquired four S-300 missile systems: two from Belarus and two from unspecified sources (likely Russia or Azerbaijan). Belarus, living under a socialist dictatorship for the past 16 years, of course denies the claims.

If true this is literally a game changer. The S-300 is one of the most sophisticated anti-aircraft systems in the world. It will render many (perhaps most) Israeli aircraft completely obsolete. And considering Israel's lack of stealth aircraft, an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities might soon be off the table.

I have thought for awhile now that Iran's possession of a substantial amount of S-300 batteries poses to the world a greater threat than merely one or two nuclear warheads. A couple warheads can be destroyed fairly quickly by an Israeli strike (with qualifying intelligence), but once Iran has enough S-300 systems in place the 12th Imam Cult will be able to produce nuclear warheads rapidly and with little fear of repercussions.
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