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Tonight I was outside for a few minutes. Much to my surprise I saw an extremely bright light exactly due west. I literally thought it was an airplane at first (too bright to be a star). Then I realized it must be a planet. I figured Venus or Jupiter. Pulling out my handy-dandy iPhone compass, I estimated it must be about 271 degrees west or so. Then using another awesome iPhone app (Planets) I could see the celestial sphere and my jaw almost dropped (in fact I think it did) when I discovered that this light was Venus, Mars, and Saturn. That is why it is so bright.

Venus is the "morning star". Jesus is called the "Bright and Morning Star".

Mars represents war almost universally.

Saturn's symbol is the sickle.

Just a few minutes ago I discovered all of this happening right on Virgo's (the Virgin) head.

Could it be that Jesus has come to make war and reap His harvest? Could it be that the West's days are numbered? Notice also the symbology in Revelation 12 regarding the Virgin.

I sourced this just to make sure:

The formation should last for two weeks and constantly change shape.
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