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From Belize, to Texas, to Illinois - WIND! Reminds me of John 3:1-15 if we don't even know where the wind comes from how will we know the things of God. Physical warnings, should point to Spiritual warnings. Our fight is not against flesh and blood...Ephesians 6:12. Crazy time of year. It is practically November. Not exactly primetime for wind, tornados and hurricanes.

Iran loads fuel into their nuclear reactor.

Sumatra tsunami devasts and kills

Indonesian Volcano eruption

Major Amazon tributary Rio Negro dry. Drought greater than anything in a century or more. I thought the Amazon was always wet, rainy and full of life.

If the hurricanes, tsunami, volcano and nuclear fuel were not in Mid-west farm land, Sumatra, Indonesia or Iran, but in Chicago, LA, NY, etc... we would be up in arms, but it is somewhere else happening to someone else. Bottom line: nobody cares.

Millions can die. Billions for that matter. Whole continents can dry up and fall into the sea, as long as it doesn't inconvenience us.

France, Greece, the UK, California and all the rest can implode, as long as we are not inconvenienced and we still get our check.

If we are not heart broken over another person's tragedy, then God must bring the tragedy to each one of us, until everyone of us falls on our knees and looks up to Him
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