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The news has been relatively quiet lately.

The purpose of this website has always been to highlight world events that we have become so dull to our senses, as are bombarded with signs, headlines and information. Sometimes you just have to stop, step a few feet back and just look at what you are seeing.

The headlines we continue to see, are not your grandfather's. These days the headlines are rather sureal. Relatively quiet today, but worth a quick review.

Haitian's riot because of controversial elections (lots of rioting in the world in 2010)

Venezula has had torrential rain and flooding

Much of the U.S. is blanketed in snow and cold.

Europe is covered in snow, cold and transportation problems

WikiLeaks is causing great problems and more leaks are promised. That ought to start a war, hope not, but wow.

More countries recognizing Palestinian statehood. Israel continues to be surrounded and threated with increasing tenor and frequency. Watch this!

Front pages talk about Egyptian shark attacks. Is that really a world wide phenom?

Israeli fire. 5,000 acres. Ok. The U.S. west burns millions every year, although we don't have the deaths, it is interesting that this received so much attention.

Palestinians deny Israel's right to the temple mount and the western wall. Do you really want to pick a fight with God? He is the King of Israel and will protect her.

Iran nukes. Always in the news. Iran says "talk to us later". Yea right. Later when they're ready to deploy.

U.S. Jihad suspect. One analyst said "one of these days one of these attacks will succeed". Certainly true, but we numbly go through the motions of life.

House full of bombs to be burned on Thursday in Escondido. STAND BACK!

WikiLeaks to release UFO documents. My hunch: ET is the great deception. Rapture and CNN tells the world it was ET.


The point: Life is not getting better on the big blue marble, in fact it is nearing the point of impossibility. A trigger is coming and coming soon. The economy is holding on by a thread, with all of the debt and the skiddish market, one pop and down she goes. Gold is not at an all time high for nothing. People are scared.

People are stomping on each other on black Friday for a sale item. What will happen when something real happens?

Nuke deployment, attack on Israel, earthquake, terrorist action, run on the banks, debt default -- the dominos are set up.

These headlines don't scare me. They give me both a sense of relief and a knot in my stomach. See Revelation 10:9-10. I am glad I am leaving. I am haunted by all those who are unprepared and overwhelmed by my duty to tell them. That is the point of Unsealed.org. To tell those who will slow down and listen.
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