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Dead animals, freak storms, massive flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes.... THIS BLOWS THEM OUT OF THE WATER!

The Sun, for the first time in known history, has risen two days early over the Arctic:

After 1.5 months of darkness, the Sun is first seen over Greenland on January 13th each year--EVERY YEAR! ...But this year the Sun brought daylight on January 11th. Scientists blame it on "Global Warming". Apparently all those low-lying glaciers that are not even on the horizon have previously "blocked" the Sun. Well, just like the "scientists'" "scientific" explanations for the mass animal deaths, I have only one thing to say:


The Sun--yes, the Sun, which is that huge stationary star some 1 million times more massive than the earth--has risen this year two days earlier than in all of recorded history. Wake up world.

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