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Disasters explained

The news story is titled "Latest In Series Of Dead Birds Found In Other States".

Interesting how everyone is searching for answers or mostly ignoring this global phenom. I guess they must be colliding with the UFOs reported!

The floods are from "climate change", el nino, el nina, bla, bla, bla
The fish and bird deaths are from pollution - Zeph. 1:9
The mortgage crisis is from greed - (yes, but look deeper) Isaiah 5:9, 6:11
The famines are from "climate change" - Isaiah 5:10

Isaiah 6:9

Ever hearing, but never perceiving...

Hollywood even makes movies about rapture, alien abduction, armageddon, apocalypse, disease, earthquakes, war, etc... and still no one stops to fall on their knees and look up. Insanity. A glimpse of hell. Utter darkness. Utter madness. Utter stupidity. Complete pain.

I always thought that these plagues would be so obvious that everyone would believe. Like a frog in a pot, the world runs madly to destruction, stiff necked, combative and unwilling to even listen.

I am expecting the water in the pot to get hotter and louder with increasing frequency. Stunning.
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