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(MATURE EYES ONLY) Hell on Earth and A Random Sampling of Internet Chatter

I believe in annihilationism for a number of reasons, including the fact that whenever mankind gets close to achieving "hell on earth" God steps in to prevent it: 1. Adam and Eve gain the knowledge of evil and God steps in and prevents them from having access to the Tree of Life. 2. Mankind grows so evil that every thought and action of human life is evil from birth to death and God steps in with a global flood. 3. Mankind builds an independent-less, occultic society in direct opposition to God and God steps in and destroys the Tower of Babel and confuses their languages. 4. Sin is on the verge of victory and God steps in with Jesus, who dies and conquers sin. 5. The Jews, mankind's physical access to God's law, are on the verge of total annihilation and God steps in providing them a restored state in the Holy Land. There are many such examples. Hell, a state of perpetual sin, seems to be the one state God will never tolerate to exist indefinitely...

My point is not so much annihilationism vs hell, but rather that we have grown very, very close to hell on earth over the last several decades and years: a tyrannical, worldwide government that is impossible to escape from, tens of millions of children murdered every single year (having their bodies burned to death with saline, or their skulls crushed in with pliers), total lack of truth in education, utter opposition to morality, omnipresent sexual sin (virtually every movie, TV show, magazine, and lifestyle), and many more things too awful to comprehend. Perhaps the most terrible of all these things is that a majority of the public, at least in the Western World, tolerates all these evil things as simple "alternative lifestyles". Now most people have no moral issue with murder, adultery, homosexuality, idolatry, dishonor of parents, lying, and on and on.

If you think about it, the one word that can be used with increasing accuracy to describe earth and its inhabitants is "hell". Soon there really will be no legitimate difference between present-day earth and the concept of hell--and if the planet itself turns into a burning wasteland as a result of the destruction of the rain forests and other human-wrought ecological disasters, then the setting will fit right in.

...So in any case, here is a true random sampling of "chatter" on the internet (obtained by looking at random videos on the homepage of YouTube, or the most recent discussions linked to on Google; keep in mind I had to exclude many comments because of unbelievable hateful/sexual vulgarity):

"violence - sex - violence - sex... what else can we ask for XD"

"one gay sex scene people! shut the **** up about it. its a good show.(Im a perfectly straight man and am ok with seeing a ***** or two, followed by tasty violence)"

"****! this **** was good. Hadn't seen an internet program with such quality."

"you seriously need to stop making each episode so ^^^^^^^ short!"

"**** we need a decent CB like a crackhead needs crack"

"******* gay"

"you're an idiot and this weirdo is a ******* idiot"

"lets get retarded homos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"2012 prophecies is real you dumb ***. It's written by one ancient cone head skull of mayan."

"The Jews have spun this story to cover up the fact that this guy is a a god**** filthy Kike..and it is made worse because you will never read the word H.AT.E. associated with any story about this filthy ******** Jew. Why, because thanks to Liberal *****bags like Abe Foxman and the ACLU, it is impossible for a Jew to demonstrate hatred towards anyone. They are the chosen people and even if they do hate it's OK because they are Jews That filthy Abe will give him a pass..mark my words. Just watch"

Sorry if these comments are disturbing (they are disturbing to me), but this is the way of the world. Christians are no longer in power (universalist religious people, syncretists, atheists, and agnostics now control the strings). Humanity has descended into madness. God help us.
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