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South American "EU" goes online

Several weeks ago I mentioned that the 9th instrument of ratification was filed for the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR in Spanish, UNASUL in Portuguese, and USAN in English).The "Constitutive Treaty" went into effect Saturday (January 1st). This means there are now continental governments in Europe, Africa, and South America.

UNASUR includes every country in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Suriname,
Guyana, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Ecuador). The Parliament will be located in Bolivia, and the Executive in Ecuador. UNASUR also includes a "South American Defense Council".

India, China, and Russia will never join continental unions, so if you count the EU, AU, and UNASUR, there are now 7 "unions"/world powers (US, China, India, Russia, EU, AU, and UNASUR). If the Arab League and ASEAN ascend to Union-status that will make #8 and #9. All that would remain of the world to be carved up is an Oceanian Union... or... if you count Australia as power to itself, then the Arab League and ASEAN would make #9 and #10.

Considering exactly 10 unions will exist, it seems plausible that this might fulfill the prophecy of the 10 horns and 10 kings who "give power to the beast." I'm still holding out for the WEU, but if that doesn't pan out I think the unions will be it.

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