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  1. All of these are pre-tribbers!

    Wonder how these will respond once Jerusalem is surrounded pretty soon here ( by international forces )and those in the disputed areas flee to the mountains?

    It's gunna be interesting to witness their " explanation".

    May the Lord protect His own from the strong delusion. He promised :)


  2. I appreciate your comment. If the temple was going up I would be absolutely certain we are in the tribulation. I am certanly open to a mid-trib, post-trib, pre-wrath doctrine. I haven't studied these very well.

    It certainly feels like tribulation to me. Haven't had a regular job in 2 1/2 years, earthquakes, volcanos, radioactivity, drought, famine, commodity prices, oil prices, economic collapse, hostility, riots, persecution, EU, UN, floods, fire, failing infrastructure and terror are all common.

    Amazing that the world is so dull to the headlines.

  3. I appreciate yours :)

    Yes the love of many have grown cold, it shows in "Christian " circles as well :(

    My heart hurts for the trial / tribulation you're in right now :( I promise to pray more fervently for you.

    Not to get into a long debate (there are so many threads out there discussing this already on FP ) but needed to share a quick condensed thought that a fellow believer and I are currently discussing.

    (These questions are retorical for me) but....does the abomination of desolation, require a Temple rebuilt to become manifest?

    This abomination spoken of by Daniel has been positively identified with the acts of Antiochus IV Ephiphanes who brought war to the city of Jerusalem in the times of the Maccabees.

    Could the AOD be understood as something connected with the next conflict that will carry war to Jerusalem again? I fear so!

    Is this when the AC will make his seat of power in the Holy city as a er "crisis manager" ?

    I humbly believe so !

  4. Hi anonymous,

    I want to chime in: I have thought for awhile that a physical temple is not necessary. After Pentecost the Church became God's true temple.

    I wonder if the AOD could simply involve the Dome of the Rock? Thoughts?

  5. Could persecution that quiets Christian sacrifice to God and the AC's AOD be the issue? Don't know.

    On the AC question (2 thoughts):

    Kadafi has certainly flaunted himself as a diety, though he doesn't appear to be long for this world.

    I think people over state the spookiness of the AC. He is just a man. Anyone who sets up his way of solving problems, is opposed to following Christ and is "anti-" Christ. We all do this everyday. Everytime we get excited about our candidate and the next election as a solution to our problems - we oppose the true answer (I am all for voting, mind you and believe in making a difference). The first person to garner power in a one world government and then be in dwelt by the evil one is the AC.

  6. Hi JD.

    I'm humbled by your asking and could direct you to so many discussions that are debating this right now.

    I don't want to offended our beloved brother Greg here but if he did not mind may I direct you to a few brothers in Christ that have been a major confirmation in what the Lord has been affirming in scripture since we saw the push towards a dividing of God's land and the insistance of a PA State.

    The yoke has been placed on her neck and soon we will see the ramifications come to pass just as the Lord forewarned us in His word.

    Amen as you said, we are the temple, and satan is trying his best to set his seat up on the congregation , to draw many unto him in these days of the great apostasy.( he took one third of the angels already so it ain't that difficult right)

    Please see bro Brian , Born to watch ,Bro Wickus and Adamantine for more discussions :)


  7. Note to self- edit before posting!

    Sheezz how long does it take some to learn :)

    Offend ;-)

  8. is it possible that just like the land of israel is becoming divided up that also temple mount will be divided up between muslim jew and apostate christianity(rome to represent perhaps)when a.o.d. happens because they all want a piece of this "precious pie" and the major concessions each would have to make might satisfy those(& anti-christ to head this up)who are designating religious favor for those who will comply with the global plans of the a.o.c.? just throwing that out there as food for thought because i notice the way temple mount is measured off in rev 11....

  9. Hey anon. (12:10 PM),

    You could be right. I guess I've always seen the Abomination as involving a one world religion kind of thing. I wonder if the "holy place" could just be the rock on which the Dome of the Rock sits? It is supposed to be the rock where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac?

  10. hi j.d., i read something not long ago and wonder if this is right(i need to remember where i read it)that the dome of the rock is on the part of temple mount that was the gentile court-outer court-and the part where the actual holy of holies stood is where there is a vacancy right now. i'll have to go back and read again but there was a reference to when the veil was torn at the time Jesus died that the holy of holies was actually opened to face the east where it highlighted that that was the direction from where Christ would return. abraham attempted(in obedience)to sacrifice isaac there(where it would later become the temple)but God put the stop to it because it was-of course as we now know-to be God's Son to die as the Ultimate Lamb and issac was a type of Christ pre-figured in the old testament. beautiful is the fulfillment in every detail of that place in what was and is to come concerning it. that is why i think it possible that it would be a true abomination to the Lord that the unholy alliance of world religions would try to take over that spot to claim a victory(for the devil-though they think they do God and man a favor)but we know that the Lord will respond with all of Heaven's might at some point thereafter to take back His entitlement to His Holy Place. wonderful to ponder God's plan even if we only have sketches and glimpses of it all right now amen?



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