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Not feeling so pre-trib these days. Feeling like I'm in the middle of the trib right now. If I'm wrong the great tribulation will certainly be stunning


Japanese 9.0 earthquake, nuclear meltdown and tsunami
1 Million dead fish off California
Libya - riots, civil war and U.N. air strikes
Gas prices
Wisconsin - budget, union, education
U.S. Winter storms (more of them)
U.S. Flooding
Commodity prices (I miss tomatoes at my favorite sandwich shop)


Arkansas earthquake
Shuttle discovery's last flight (personally imho UFO's will be the great delusion to explain the rapture-we won't have any capability to go on the search and rescue mission-I'm out there I know :))
Greece - civil disobedience
Rabbi's declare "Messiah is coming soon"
U.S. executive branch will no long defend marriage
U.N. vote 14-to-1 to condemn Israeli construction
The U.S. was the lone veto. The day after (seems our heart for Israel is waning) our national Christmas tree was toppled.
Iranian warships through the Suez canal
3,000 Egyptian troops into the Sinai
Large Solar Flare
Italian PM imploding (when he's replaced, by a new leader from "Rome", wonder if he'll be the AC, who knows)
Mubarak out - Egypt collapse
7.0 earthquake in Chile
Ahmadinajad renews his threats against Israel and the U.S.
Real unemployment numbers - 22%
Chinese drought
Icelandic volcano ready to blow
Ireland needs another $68 billion
Commodity prices soaring
Carnival hedonistic festival floats in Rio are destroyed
Australia cyclone - massive death and destruction
U.S. Winter Storm (massive and repeated)


Apple announces work on integrating RFID/NFID into the iPhone
UFO over the Temple Mount
Middle Eastern protests and riots begin
Mexico to introduce IRIS scans
U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Syria (are you kidding!)
Japan currency downgraded (thinking this is bad, now that they have massive debt and have a nation to rebuild)
Hezbollah takes over Lebanon
Some U.S. states consider bankruptcy
Dead animals - everywhere
Germany food contamination scare
Missile fired off the coast of Texas (maybe)
Israel pressed by Egypt not to fight against Gaza missile attacks (bet Egypt wished they had shut up. Don't mess with Abba's covenant kids)
South American - EU ratified

I am missing a bunch of others I know, but the point is - this world is coming unglued, judgement begins, God is sovereign, in control. Matthew 28:18-20 GO AND TELL...
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  1. something got a kick start at the beginning of this year is what i'm sensing-this is just my opinion but it feels like we are in the "midst" of something very big and getting bigger.(however big all this gets-my God is bigger :)

  2. " Feeling like I'm in the middle of the trib right now"

    Bro your " feeling" may be the unction of the Holy Spirit.

    IMHO we may have entered into to the "time of sorrows" back in '07. The 2 month trib starting (?)as soon as we WITNESS the DIVISION of Israel and the implementation of a PA STATE...BEFORE Sept this year ?

    You guys are in our hearts and prayers as we praise God for your obedience and passion.

  3. 42 month trib .

    Note to self- PREVIEW before postin!

    Hey it's my b/day today- I've got an excuse!! LOL

  4. Amen anon......the spiritual warfare has been intense, but the Lord is so faithful.

    Watch Israel, the yoke being placed on her may just usher in Is 47.

    Seeking the Lord with you concerning your comment.




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