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Be very careful America.

It is obvious enough that most Americans have placed themselves in opposition to the Lord of Hosts. The majority are ok with murder (abortion, eugenics, etc), idolatry (worshiping a God of your own personal design: i.e. the gods of Joel Osteen, Rob Bell, Barack Obama, Bill O'Reilly, etc), adultery (pornography, television, etc), and many other obvious sins.

...So America's time is coming to a very swift end. The question, though, America, is how soon do you want that end to come? Allow your leaders to divide Jerusalem and Israel and you will quickly see that the God of Israel is very, very real. Think Al Qaeda, socialist revolutionaries, nuclear terrorism, and economic collapse are scary? Prepare to meet YHWH. You hate His laws, His commands, and the gift of His One and Only Son, so what is there left for you, but destruction?

And He will bring destruction, but the greatest destruction He will allow you to pour out on yourselves. America's actions clearly demonstrate that she would prefer the Antichrist to rule over her, rather than the real Christ. She will soon get her wish.

I agree with Glenn Beck on many levels, but I disagree with him on one very fundamental point: America's destruction is coming not because of her leaders, but because of her people. The leaders are only the symptom. It is the people who hate God, love murder, love adultery, and love idolatry. It is the people who subscribe to universalism and easy grace. It is the people who indulge in Family Guy and pornography and Lady Gaga. It is the people who hate every truth and cling to every lie (Darwinian evolution, secularism, socialism, and so forth).

April's tornadoes were just a very small sampling of what is yet to come.

2011 has seen the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes since at least 1974. Much of Alabama and other states are in total ruins. The University of Alabama just barely escaped total destruction:

In just a single day (yesterday) more than 200 people were killed across the South:

The time for arguing over whether or not the Bible is true is over. Within 24 hours of the United States government trying to divide Israel, a major natural, political, or economic disaster ALWAYS strikes the country. This is an absolute fact.

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  1. wisdom is out there crying in the streets and people still refuse the God of mercy. so many buying the lie that america can prosper again but the Lord's Hand of blessing is being removed. this nation has not repented and God is not mocked. america's sins are finding her out. and the whole earth groans under the weight of sin that the wicked revel in. it will not be too much longer now and those who love darkness rather than light will know Whom they have spurned.

  2. I agree. Amazed at how many talk about the next election, as if changing the leadership, the constitution of this law or that will solve the moral collapse. Just another tower of babel moment - we can do it, given enough control and resources. Every form of government has failed. Only God's Lordship will work. America will fail. I believe God comes back when it is clear that there is no way but His way. Those in Islamic countries are consistently rebelling against Islamic leadership, but they also are clamoring for more. Odd or worse.



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