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Signs in the heavens, "aliens" (i.e. demons), and mass sightings...

Check out this video:

A couple of thoughts:

Notice that the media is covering this stuff all the time now. There are hundreds of filmed sightings every year (since 2008 or so). Something is definitely going on.

Notice that every single sighting is of mysterious "lights" that appear to do things completely unnatural (and non-mechanical) such as "spiraling" or instantaneously changing course.

Notice also the guy who called the radio show. He wasn't faking. Either he was telling some truth, or, he was a genuine paranoid schizophrenic. In any case, notice that the gist of his revelation was that all these UFOs/aliens/etc are not, actually, extraterrestrial, but are, in fact, extra-dimensional (i.e. spiritual).

The unbelieving world will continue to blame all these sightings on aliens, but those with discernment will plainly see that what we are witnessing is the appearance of demonic beings who are preparing the way for mass deception and the arrival of the antichrist.

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  1. That is an amazing and well assembled video. Stunning.

    Interesting how what satan means for evil, God will use for good.

    Chaos in the middle east. A massive power vacuum. Demons in the sky. A great deception. Satan intends to use to usher in the AC, but God will use to "explain" the Rapture.


    Want to see prophecy fulfilled - just turn on the news.


  2. those who do not know the Word of God are going to have much "reason" to go along with the lies that are coming like a flood in these days we live. the spirit of anti-christ is on the increase. must be very soon a time frame for the rapture.........keep looking up! our redemption draweth nigh!



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