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Water is heavy

Since you're at the home of "off the wall", I'll give you an off the wall thought.

In this day, we watch for earthquakes and disasters. Floods in the midwest. Tornados in the south. Destruction in Tuscaloosa. Million acres burned in Texas. Drought. Food prices. Oil prices. Terrorism. UBL retaliation threat. Pollution. Eco disaster. Oil spill. Abortion. Slavery. And much more.

As I have indicated these tell me that God has left America to herself and she will fall.

Water = Heavy. Lots of water = Memphis. Memphis = Sitting on top of the New Madrid fault.

1 gallon - 8.34 pounds
1 gallon - 231 cubic inches or 6.136 inches square

Mississippi river - Mile Wide (I know this varies widely, but humor me, please).

1 mile = 5280 feet = 63,360 inches / 6.136 = 10,326 gallons wide

River 48 feet above normal.

48 feet = 576 inches / 6.136 = 94 gallons deep

One hundred mile stretch

100 miles = 6,336,000 inches / 6.136 = 1,032,595 gallons long

1,032,595 x 10,326 x 94 x 8.34 = 8,358,224,000,000 or 8.358 trillion pounds or 4.179 billion tons

If you add in all of the over loaded tributaries and a larger stretch of the river, then you may have a bigger number, but this is not a very scientific presentation.

I'm thinking - the new madrid fault is overdue for some drama. And now a big elephant, weighing 8.358 trillion pounds is standing on top of this big crack.

In a week or so the elephant steps off.

Not good and probably off the wall, but I'm watching.
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  1. Interesting thought. I've been watching the flooding going on and wondering about the New Madrid fault line, too. I didn't make any connection between the heaviness of the water and the fault line, but just thought perhaps there was a connection between the two. Maybe the flooding will soften up the land so if there is an earthquake it would "help" the division along. Just my thoughts. :)



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