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Oil crisis

Arab uprising may trigger and oil crisis

We are going to regret this. We we need access to oil, we will have given it away, to "bolster the economy" and win votes.

60 million barrels released from strategic oil reserves

The U.S. consumes 20 million barrels of oil a day. The U.S. release of 30 million barrels will have little impact at the pump. A blip on the radar.

30,000,000 x 40 gallons (oil barrels are smaller) = 1,200,000,000 = 1.2 billion gallons / 20 gallon tank = 60,000,000 tanks of gas. 250,000,000 registered vehicles (cars, trucks, big rigs, motorcycles, others) in the U.S.

When there is a crisis and we have a military or humanitarian emergency need, where will we be?

In a related but admittedly eccentric topic: The Rapture of the Church. We have horrific weather everywhere and all the other alarming world wide events that we so readily report on here at UnSealed and the world doesn't notice. Interesting. When there were the 10 plagues in Egypt, the Egyptians were clueless. When Jesus Christ, came and fulfilled all 300 prophecies perfectly, the world missed it. When God sent one prophet after another and clamity after claimity, the Hebrew people didn't get it. When the Israelites were freed from Egypt and faced the Red Sea they didn't get it. When they crossed the sea and woke up hungry they didn't get it. We have the benefit of 6,000 years of history, the Bible and the very life of Christ and we still don't get it. Long lead up to say this, when millions of Christians suddenly depart, the world will once again be clueless. Can't you see CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, The View, Letterman, Leno, Kimmel and all the rest laughing and speculating. The Roswellians and Physics will be all the rage. It was Aliens and UFOs, they will cry!! And guess what, the last Space Shuttle will be sitting in moth balls at the Smithsonian. We will be completely, 100% powerless to mount a search.

God is preparing to show His power and our utterly powerlessness and stupidity.

We give away oil when an epic oil crisis is preparing to launch. We ground all of our space fleet, when little green men are about to take off with a large chunk of humanity. Sadly funny. Revelation 10:8-10 sweet and sour.

I feel like I am standing waiting and waiting for a tsunami and I am powerless to warn people. Please wake up. Please.
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