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The News - 2011-07-14

Massive U.S. security breach

Massive heat wave

Big storm in Denver

Drought killing livestock


Massive southern U.S. drought

Drought engulfs 14 states

China enourages U.S. to keep the money coming

Please don't make China mad. Wars have started over less.

Debt crisis continues - markets nervous

Interesting how confident our government is that they are in control and the last minute they can save the day. It would be just like my God to put them in their place as they wait too long.

Israeli airstrikes against Gaza terrorists

How long until this boils over.

So I know I am about as encouraging as an IRS audit letter, but I am using the strongest graphics I can find to simply say this "BE READY!! WE ARE LEAVING".

The Rapture is coming. The Wedding Feast of the Lamb follows, while those left behind suffer unimaginable horror.

Go tell somebody!

There's not a lot of new news, but the temperature and tension grows with each passing day.

I talked to my buddy today and he talked about balancing the budget, 2012, changing the laws, fiscal discipline, blah, blah, blah...

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

His heart is on these things. I can't go to Facebook without some friend railing against the government. Fix the heart and the rest will follow. God's heart is on lost people, a lost culture and those that are hurting. God's heart is conflicted I would think (I know that will raise some ire), consider this.

We need to be thinking what God is thinking and not simply wanting the world to be made right for our own comfort.

Do you ever wonder what God is thinking? Are your prayers about blessing Him or they just another ask?

He has been so overwhelmingly uncomprehensively patient. Will He be joyous when the "Saints go marching in" and it is the wedding day for His dear Son? Will He be heart broken at the failure of the church to serve up the good news, follow the great commission and allow Him to redeem to the culture? Will He be heart broken at those "left behind" and the terrible wrath of the tribulation? While we are laughing, eating and enjoying our good fortune, will He be hurting and joyful at the same time? Will anyone notice? When you see Him, be sure to say Thank You - a lot!!

He certainly is the same yesterday today and forever and He does not move like shifting shadows, but He certainly has emotion. Plenty of scripture to support that statement.

If this gospel is good news how can we contain it. Another friend said this "When you know two things: I am a great sinner and He is a great God (John Newton). When you keep those two thoughts far apart, don't elevate yourself and denigrate God, then praise just comes flowing out of you and you can't contain the hope that is within you".

If you have trouble sharing, maybe you need to be reminded. For me I must be reminded every moment and take every thought captive and place it at His feet.

We you breath out say "Ya-" and when you breath in say "wey". "Ya-weh". Every breath bears His name. Every thought. Every star. Every rock. Every flower and every blade of grass. If we don't praise Him, the very rocks will cry out.

Let's go to work while it is still called today, for the day is getting very late.
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  1. Oh boy Greg, that is a Beautiful post. and it ressonates with me thru and thru. thank you, i really appreciate the way you relate to Jesus and this entire magnificant matter at hand. ...continued Godspeed to you my friend, tony in vt.

  2. Tony,

    Hang in there buddy and remember that He has completely got your back completely. He's got it all under control, even as completely crazy and tough as this world has become.

    rest well.


  3. thanks for keeping it real. the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing--and you are. God is honored in this. His Gospel still has the power to save!!!-how glad we are to be His and pray for His Spirit to move to repentance and faith in Him all those we know and love. God bless you.

  4. Just something to think about... What's one of the main components of a speaker? It's a magnet. In other words.... a rock. In that sense, the rocks are already crying out.



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