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The great delusion

The great delusion

Space Station evacuation

Space shuttle retirement

The Harpazo

The Rapture

Interesting to me and you may not agree on my linking these events, but here is my thought (I've posted this before, but today there was a new twist in the news):

When the rapture comes, what will be the explanation on CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC? The world won't face in repentence. They have to be confused, with hundreds of speculations and DELUSIONS.

Just google / bing / dog pile / aol / yahoo / web crawler / ask / alltheweb / azoos / beaucoup / chubba / dmoz.org/

UFO sightings

This is the common belief. I believe this is the great delusion. Little green men in flying saucers ----

What will be the cry ---- we have to go rescue them!! Where would we go? What are we looking for?

Space shuttle fleet - mothballed
Space station - empty
Rockets to propel a search and rescue - not safe

Will God be amused or grieved at the world's stupidity and "we can do it ourselves - tower of babel mentality"?

Then comes the we better stick together attitude. One world government. Imbedded/tatted id (rfid/nfid/etc...). The world will sacrifice freedom and independence for "safety". They'll agree to anything to fill their bellies. Nothing new under the son.

God told us never to build out of bricks, just fashion the temple out of uncut stones. He already cut the stones, we just put the puzzle together. The fascinating individual perfect unique building blocks for the tapestry of His creation.

Do you ever feel more and more pressed into conformance? Where is the wonder of creation and our own giftedness in this world we live in.

More signs every day. We're close.

Just maybe we are T minus 30 days and counting until lift off.

I'll just bet someone says "Houston, we have a problem".
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