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Oklahoma heat record broken

Tuesday afternoon extreme upper midwest weather

Hurricane Irene - possible category 4

Massive Louisiana fish kill

Record Greenland glacier losses

East cost 5.9 earthquake

Colorado 5.3 earthquake

Besides these environmental impacts, Ghadafi is out - leaving another massive middle east power vacuum. From Tunisia, to Libya, to Egypt, to Syria and Lebanon the power is up for grabs. Seems like we are ripe for the entrance of a power to pull all of this together. Comes right out of what we were told would happen. The anti-Christ is coming soon. Definately would not lean on him for help or trust him a lick.

Then of course we have the planned Palestinians riots, the 2 state U.N. vote, the U.N. condemnation of Israel, Gaza attacks on Israel, Israel retalliation on Gaza, Iran threats, Iranian nuclear military development, stock market, commodity prices, debt, political factions, clash of values, terrorism, moral decay, budget crisis, Elenin and the break up of Will and Jada Smith.

We're not in Kansas anymore - be ready and help someone else would you :)
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