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Signs and Prophecy

Look at this long, but abbreviated, list of preachers and writers, from diverse Christian theological positions, who are all preaching basically the same message, regarding the end of the age, the rapture of the church, etc...

At some point you have to say, if God were not in it, it couldn't be this available, consistent and urgent.

No particular order.

Pat Robertson

Irvin Baxter

Hal Lindsey

Joel Rosenberg

Unsealed prophecy.com

Billy Graham


Prophecy News Watch

Dr David Jeremiah

Tim LaHaye

J D Farag

Steve Hadley

Chuck Missler

Chuck Smith and Don Stewart

Jack Graham

Dr Robert Jeffress

Greg Laurie - Are these the last days?

Dr David Reagan

Perry Stone

Gary Stearman

John Hagee

Christian Book Distributors
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