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Italy is in big trouble. They owe $2.6 trillion dollars. The make $2.05 trillion per year.

Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world.

This week the interest rates lendors are demanding went up over 7%. This is $200 billion dollars in interest per year. That's a lot of money and not a penny goes to principle.

This is unsustainable. Meaning Italy's economy will collapse. They are so large they can take most of the world with them. Between Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Great Britain and even the U.S. (not to mention many many other countries), so much money is owed that it can never be paid.

This week Italy's embattled President announced he would resign.

Today the U.S. stock market dropped 400 points.

If that weren't enough bad news, Alaska had an "epic" storm with winds of 100 mph and 30 foot storm surge.

France and America announced (although not intentionally) that they are no friend of Netanyahu. Note - do not fight against God's covenant people.

And now eastern Turkey has another massive earthquake. It was only a 5.x magnitude. Not a big deal with U.S. building construction rules, but when your house is made of rocks and sticks, it is devastating and many can loose their lives.

These of course are benign because we don't live in Italy, Alaska or Turkey, but what about when the trouble is in your backyard? Will your faith stand? Do you have joy in all weather?
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