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Just stop for a minute and just look at the headlines on the Debka file website:

Iran raises anti-US threat level. Israel's C-of-S warns of potential for regional war

US and Israel in Sync for Iran Attack

Iran Wins an Iraqi Corridor to Syria

Abbas primes West Bank for Third Intifada

Qatar builds Sunni anti-Assad intervention force

Iran toughens cyber challenge to US, claims superior drones

US Fifth Fleet Chief: Iran will not be allowed to close Strait of Hormuz

Turkish warships shell water near Cypriot, Israeli gas fields

Iran starts building a nuclear weapon: Tightened US-Israeli ties

Top US Gen: Iran plays dangerous game

US amphibious dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island deploys to Fifth Fleet headquartered in Bahrain

Panetta: Iran just months away from a nuke

Top US general: Iran's dangerous game could draw Mid East and US into conflict

North Korea's coming power struggle and the Mid-East nuclear race

US, Israel shocked by drone's capture

Regional war between mid-Dec and mid-Jan?

Syria coast bristles with Russian anti-sea missiles

Katyusha fire on Israel was Syrian warning

Iran wants nuclear knowhow for US drone secrets

US units exiting Iraq face Syria from Jordan

Barak: Israel can't wait till Iran has a nuke

Iran's Guards on war footing

Then go read Isaiah 17, Psalms 83 and Ezekiel 32-39
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  1. all awaiting fulfillment and coming to the "ripening" very very soon. God's Word does not return to Him void. how wonderful for us who stand upon His Word and trust in Him alone......not in ourselves or this world...praying that people will awaken to the Truth and be saved as all these things come to pass.

  2. No more Wars. Let the people of the planet Earth live in Peace and harmony. Stop al this nonsense of threats of War . If war occurs there will be total destruction. Pls. behave in a sensible manner.




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