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Australian PM flees

The disenfranchised just won't stay in their refugee camps.

Lots of tension in this world.

According to the 2006 World Refugee survey conducted annually by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), a staggering 33 million people worldwide are currently uprooted from their homes. Of that number, 12 million are refugees and asylum seekers living in camps in countries other than their own, and 21 million are Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), an official designation for civilians displaced by persecution, armed conflict or widespread violence. They do not fall under the official category of a “refugee” because they remain inside their own countries, but their plight is just as dire.

Poverty levels 2005

We're seeing people from Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Australia, U.S.A., Syria, Israel, U.K. and many others finally beginning to rebel.

The passivity won't last forever.
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  1. the pot is fix'n to boil over methinks.......this year-perhaps by half way into 2012 many situations will become intolerable. the world is looking for their "man of the hour" (even as we speak @ davos this week). the world @ large wants none of Jesus and His Way and Truth and Life but will take on one of it's own to solve the world's mounting problems believing the answer within man--oh be careful what you ask for world! you just might get it..(will get it)...we have God's Word on that.



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