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7.6 magnitude earthquake


There have been many more severe earthquakes than these, but a small group of watchers has this to say:

2-27-2010 8.8 Chile
9-3-2010 7.4 New Zealand
6.3 Alaska
- 188 days after the Chilean disaster
2-22-2011 6.3 New Zealand (smaller
3-11-2011 9.0 Japan with 1000 after shocks
- 189 days after New Zealand #1
9-15-2011 6.2 Japan
6.0 New Zealand
7.3 Fiji
- 188 days after Fukishema
3-20-2012 7.4 Mexico
- 187 days after the Japanese, New Zealand, Fiji disaster

Is this true? Are the contractions 187 days apart? These scientists declare that there is a correlation between Earthquakes and a gravitational pull, caused by some celestial alignments.

Wiki 2011 earthquakes

Next up 9/25/2012 189 days from now. This is also the Jewish Holday - Yom Kippur "THE DAY OF ATONEMENT"

The next opportunity for the rapture of the church (according to the Jewish holiday theory) is 9/16/2012.
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