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Demonic Possession Out In The Open?

When you start to see demonic possessions out in the open you might start to wonder if we're getting closer:

The Miami incident involving Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo is beginning to look like something out of The Exorcist... or perhaps Mark 5:1-20. Reports now show Rudy was tearing pages out of a Bible on the way to devour Poppo's face and had a Koran in his car.  Link to the Article

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  1. "The eyes are the mirror to the soul".

    All you have to do is read some articles that came out this week. Articles against the Bible, an article saying that "we don't understand the terrorists". Go to a local mall, take a seat and just observe. Demonic possession, I believe is on the rise. I have seen it for years, but the last 5 years have been a tremendous increase. Look at the increase in homosexuality. That is demonic possession. They are not born that way.

    People either believe in the Bible and what it says or they are part of the evil side and are subject to posession at any given moment, the longer they deny the Almighty God and Jesus Christ.



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