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strong 6.6m earthquake-strikes-far-west-china

Fires rage

Floods continue

Drought widespread

Southeast soaked

Headlines full of "epic" or "apocalyptic"....

Syria implosion.  Isaiah 17 is being fullfilled.

Turkey at war

Egyptian prophecy of a cruel master fulfilled:

Isaiah 19:4 (NASB) 
“Moreover, I will deliver the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel master, And a mighty king will rule over them,” declares the Lord God of hosts.

Egyptian prophecy of destruction upcoming.

Russia, China, Iran, etc... aligning.  Gog and Magog preparations underway.  Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Story this week that Netanyahu will attack before the election - in September or October.

Secular financial analysts note the surprising frequency of economic devastation right around Rosh Hashanna and the number of financial disasters that are pending.

Fukushima radioactive debris washing up everywhere.  Unexplained fish and bird deaths continue.

Europe is imploding.

Spaniards being evicted from their foreclosures at an alarming rate.

Unemployment levels are stunning.  People are out of options.  Tension.

Stockton, California files bankruptcy.  Largest city in the history of the country.

Debt levels astronomical and the entire western hemisphere continues to spend like there's no tomorrow - sadly they're almost right.

Heat wave.  Temps in D.C. 104 degrees.

Bank of America makes a $40 billion mistake.  Front page of the Wall Street Journal today.

America has never been more divided.

America's implosion forthcoming.

The Holy Spirit has been unleashed and Preachers, Bloggers and YouTube video makers everywhere are screaming the message.  

On a positive note the stock market was way up....foolish, exceedingly foolish.  Sadly, Alex Baldwin had another run in with the paparazzi and Katie Holmes is preparing for divorce.  Can you believe Tom Cruise, it's his third, all at age 33 - weird, baby, weird.

The Rapture of the church is imminent.

Saturday morning it will be exactly 11 weeks (77 days) until The Feast of Trumpets, the date of which it was said "no one knows the day or the hour".  The day that comes with a shout, with a trumpet and in a flash.  The last trumpet blast is number 100.

Every blog I visit is full of debaters - pretrib, midtrib, post-trib, pre-wrath, anti-christ pickers, no one who gets the point.  Exciting the business of our redemption.  Why has become all about us, the redeemed?

Is anyone sharing the news?  The gospel?  The hope?  The urgency?

Matthew 28:18-20 ...go and make disciples...

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  1. amen brother. sharing the Gospel with folks-handing out Gospel tracts-getting the Word out--Jesus saves--that is the priority.........He's coming...soon.

    1. I appreciate you. You are a rare gift.



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