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America burning

Corn crop disaster

Drought multi-billion dollar disaster

Seems like a small thing.  A bad season in America's corn fields, however as with most news lately, look closer and breath it in.

Corn drives everything.  It feeds cattle and poultry.  It's found in dog food and in your Coke and Dr. Pepper.  It's in candy and chocolate, makeup, tires and crayons.  It is the source of ethanol in your gas tank.

Bountiful and cheap, it is has been ingrained through out the products we buy and the economy.

Projected to be the largest crop in U.S. history, projected yields are down to 30%.

This will have a "deep impact" on the fragile U.S. economy.

Have you read the Harbinger?  The explanation of Isaiah 9:10 and God's judgement of America.

Have you noticed the mountain beetle infestation, wildfires, droughts and crop failures?  There was similar news last summer.

Cities out of water.  Cities bankrupt.  America's economy on the way to implosion.

The Cedars have fallen.

Be ready.  Be urgent.  Tell someone.  Share the gospel.  Be the church.  Engage.  Be intentional.

The tsunami is coming, it's obvious now and we need to rule and reign until He comes.

Have you noticed how Syria continues to get worse and worse?  The defecting Syrian general says the battle is moving to Damascus.  Interesting in light of what we know of Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83.

Syrian general flees to France

Did you see where the U.S. sent another carrier group to the mid east?  This makes 4 or 5 - unheard of, putting this much fire power and asset in one locale.

Another carrier heads to the mid east

How long before all of this world boils over and implodes?

Blessings - Look up your redemption draws near.

Less than 60 days now to the next Feast of Trumpets.

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  1. thanks for encouraging everyone who knows the Lord to do what we are supposed to do as His Church--occupy until He comes. i know i must occupy that quiet time in the morning to open the Word and hear Him speak-occupy my home and relationships with Grace and Forgiveness to give and give and give them as needed--occupy out in the workplace or on the street as a citizen of heaven doing His Work to evangelize the lost (such as was i)---occupy a church pew to assemble with and edify His Body and occupy that place where on my knees that i would pray to the Lord and see His Will done on earth as it is heaven. He is coming again and we can sense that it is soon.



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