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Just a few headlines from today.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  Just stop and soak it in - today's news.

Syria is imploding.  Assad lost his brother-in-law and a number of his leadership from death and desertion.  He is isolated, has fled Damascus and is hiding in his coastal palace.  Rebels have control of the capital.

More troubling - Syria has one of the largest stock piles of Chemical and Biological weapons in the world.

Wiki - Syria and WMD's

Syria reportedly manufactures Sarin, Tabun, VX, and mustard gas types of chemical weapons.
Syria is one of only 7 nations which is not a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.
While Syria has not publicly admitted to its chemical weapons program, Syrian officials have stated that they feel it appropriate to have some deterrent against Israel's similarly non-admitted nuclear weapons program when questioned about the topic.
Independent assessments indicate that Syrian production could be up to a combined total of a few hundred tons of chemical agent per year.
Syrian chemical weapons production facilities have been identified by Western nonproliferation experts at approximately 5 sites, plus one suspected weapons base:
Al Safir (Scud missile base)
The site at Cerin is also associated with an active biological weapons research and production.
According to NATO Consultant Dr Jill Dekker, Syria has worked on: anthrax, plague, tularemia, botulinium, smallpox, aflotoxin, cholera, ricin and camelpox, and has used Russian help in installing anthrax in missile warheads. She also stated "they view their bio-chemical arsenal as part of a normal weapons program".
Who will control this massive stockpile?

Damascus to Tel Aviv - 133 miles.

If the Israelis were not terribly anxious about Iran and ready to attack and that before the U.S. elections and now Netanyahu is losing power with the desertion of the Kadima party and their leader Shaul Mofaz, so time is running out and now Syria to the north is turning into the wild west and on top of that Egypt has fallen into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, I'll bet they are now.  (how's that for a run on sentence?).


The U.N. once again rejected the call to intervene in Syria.  Thank you Russia and China.  Guess where they are getting their oil?  Yep, Iran and pipelines through Syria from Iran.

Israel has been quiet lately.  Netanyahu is not out beating the bushes for support.  He is resigned.  Plans are underway.

This week the pressure just got even hotter.

Failure for Israel to act preemptively will result in their destruction, from a coalition of evil in Lebanon, Syria, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan and Ethiopia.

Israel knows it, however it is one thing to know you must sign the order that starts World War III and quite another to actually step off that bridge.

His word tells us that all of this is coming.  Everyday we see it get hotter and so it is.

Stay tuned.   Look up your redemption is drawing near.


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