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Nothing to see here, move along... (Part 12)

1. The Democratic National Committee has rejected a Catholic Cardinal's request to say a prayer during their convention... however, the DNC will be hosting a 2-HOUR ISLAMIC PRAYER BEFORE THE CONVENTION ATTENDED BY 20,000 MUSLIMS.  And it will be hosted by two Islamic leaders known for their radical beliefs and connection, including a connection to an Islamic organization, which was considered a terrorist co-conspirator by our own government.


2. Hurricane Isaac is expected to make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane 7 YEARS TO THE DAY that Hurricane Katrina made landfall.  Coincidence?  Not on your life.


3. The swarm of 70 earthquakes which struck southern California was the strongest in the region IN 30 YEARS.


4. And last, but certainly not least, Angela Merkel is calling for a convention on December 13-14 (3.5 months from now) to "seal the deal" on the EU and finally consolidate the confederation into an outright federation with an indissolvable central government.

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