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Republican National Convention

In John 21 Jesus performs a miracle with a great harvest of fish. He was reminding His disciples of their original calling. To go be fishers of men.

The harvest brought in 153 fish. There has been much speculation regarding the meaning of 153.

I don't have a speculation except 153 showed as the number killed in the 2008 hurricane Gustav. This hurricane delayed the John McCain - Sarah Palin run for the white house.

Now in 2012 the RNC has been delayed by another hurricane - Isaac. The promised one, the anointed one, the son of the covenant and the son of the sacrifice.

Well this little lamb sacrifice is coming not as a meek lamb, but as a roaring lion.

Why two conventions interrupted back to back? What are the odds?

Perhaps the time of the gentile harvest is concluded?

Perhaps the delusion of our self driven, tower of babel thinking, that we alone can resolve our trouble.

Perhaps that we haven't done more to advocate His agenda?

Perhaps God has had it with those whose heart is for truth and the unborn, infant, but who hate others and would never be in a homeless shelter or an orphanage.

Many of my die hard Republican friends rant about the left, but not about their agony in prayer and ministry for the lost, broken, disenfranchised, hungry, orphaned, widowed, sick or imprisoned.

Perhaps He hates the right or hates the left and is holding the right back to allow the left to have their way.

The restrainer being removed.

Regardless something's up and God will have His day.

Look up your redemption is at the door.
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