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Jonathan Cahn - National Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast 1/21

The Bricks have fallen

This might be the most important sermon of the last two millennia!
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  1. i dont think i ever heard such a powerful sermon as that in all my life. thanks for leading me to it! GLORY TO GOD!!!, tony in vt,...blessings to you n yours.

  2. yes! thanks for posting that. we know america is now under judgment but still the warning rings out for people to know the Lord before it is forever too late. praise God for that message in that setting and for this time in history. to God be the Glory as His Church awakens to shine before the world at this late hour-to God be the Glory as His enemies are soon going down in defeat-to God be the Glory as we wait and watch for His return as the King. Christ the King to Whom every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord

  3. This is my third time trying to post ( what's up with that ?)

    Guys, guys hang on a sec here!!

    The deception is great.Yeah this sounds all so wonderful and exactly what " America" needs but we all know we are in the most dangerous times ( spiritually ) that the church has ever known and IF possible the very elect will be deceived.There seems to be a massive strong delusion over our land as many chose to hear the words of man- over the Word of God. Oh Lord God please let us hear what the Spirit is saying. He that hath ear let him hear!

    Second video

    Point 5: 58 gives us the CLUE!



    How were prophets of God ( who declared a nation to be under the judgement of God) received? - with a standing ovation ?



    As always in love, fear and trembling,


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Hisown1 - I agree that there will be no revival and the great apostasy is coming.

    Still I don't take exception with anyone who calls us to repent. This is exactly what this country needs.

    Certainly there is some question as to whether you can parallel the Assyrian attack of Isaiah 9:10, in regards to the 10 northern Tribes of Israel with the attacks of 9/11, but there are indeed lessons that can be learned and we should be quick to listen and quick to respond.

    Perhaps God is not judging America, the apostasy, perversion and tower of babel mentality of 2013 U.S.A., may not have unleashed His condemnation, but I am inclined to take the warnings seriously and be diligent in my own humility, confession, repentance and in carrying out the great commission.

    I am most concerned about those who would attack the message of the gospel, than in trying to discover the motives of those who are proclaiming repentance.


  6. "I am most concerned about those who would attack the message of the gospel, than in trying to discover the motives of those who are proclaiming repentance." thanks for your insights here. so well said greg. God will do the sorting. and we must be about getting the gospel out there whether there are hearers or not. the warnings of God's Word to israel and the world beyond them are given even when God knew exactly what people would/will do and it is a witness against them for anytime of history-any people of any era who do not heed-it's very telling proof that prophecy is being fulfilled in this apostate age. so the message is perfect for america that he(cahn)gave because we are a nation whose laws were based on the Bible-we are a society that was founded after a pattern from the Bible-israels' specific promises from God are not ours but the Bible teaches us to know God through His Word so it's lessons most certainly are for our day and time too. and to finish the matter between God and nations-because i do believe we are under judgment--those that want to turn back that clock to be a godly(?)nation again(to avoid suffering?-we are most like Jesus when suffering for the sake of His Gospel)may be very naive/misguided at best or enemies of the Cross at worst-sad to say it i believe it speaks of how ignorant of the Word of God christians are(if they even are christians)because i read that it is a remnant of the peoples that will be saved. God knows who-where-and how many they are-i do not...but they will not stop the persecution that is coming straight at us--worldwide persecution of the church(as He told us)will be the best way for the world to see the true Gospel of Christ shine and expose the false one through His Bride as she waits-being purified-for her Groom. hallelujah! His Return is soon!


  7. The call to " repentance " has been going out since 9:11. This is not my point. I agree 100% that there needs to be a weeping and lamenting before the Lord. I see none. There is a call going out to get back to our First love and NOT to touch the " unclean thing".

    Yes there are a very few remnant that have heeded this call and realize that the road is more narrower than at first anticipated.

    There has been given " space".

    The delusion is strong.

    Agape and blessings,


  8. Hisown1 - I believe we would all agree that repentance has not happened. Apostasy is in place. Many are deluded into believing that their James 2:19 intellectual ascent to God and His atoning sacrifice is a substitute for faith, repentance and obedience.

    The prosperity gospel is very much alive and the church is largely dead and impotent.




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