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Who is the Anti-Christ?

Who is the Anti-Christ?

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  1. Based on my research, the anti-christ will most likely be a clone of Nimrod a.k.a. Osiris, Apollo, Apollyon, Gilgamesh, etc... that will be reincarnated by the King of the Demons, Apollyon.

    In other words, in Genesis we read that Nimrod was born and he became a giant (gibborim). How? Apparently his DNA was altered by Satan so that he was no longer a human being but was a hybrid. When Nimrod was killed, his spirit went to the pit. He is currently there awaiting the day when the pit is opened and he and his demon army will be released. He will reincarnate a clone of his former body and proceed to wreak havoc from that point forward, until he is eventually cast alive into the lake of fire—praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Nimrod was, is not, and will be again.

    By the way, a team of German scientist found the tomb of Gilgamesh in 2003 in Iraq. I suspect that U.S. black ops forces went there during the war and confiscated the remains and have been busy producing the clone.



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