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China has invaded India, and is on a military march

No joke.  A platoon of Chinese troops are 12+ miles inside Indian territory and are refusing to leave.  The operation has expanded.  Also, China has taken an island from the Philippines and is sabre-rattling with a threat to take the Senkaku Islands from Japan.

An incident here and there every couple of years is one thing, but this appears to be a cleverly coordinated effort.  Are we seeing the rise of China just as we saw Japan in the 1930s?


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  1. Here's guessing we will focus on China and North Korea, while taking our eye off the ball in Israel and her surrounding enemies, all while deciding to pull out of the place where three wars are lining up, Psalms 83, Isaiah 17, Isaiah 19, Jeremiah 49, Ezekiel 38-39 --- and lower defense spending --- and sign another reduction in arms treaty ---- and give our enemies another tour of Cheyenne mountain --- and mothball the Space Shuttle --- and have no way to get to space --- and spend ourselves into oblivion, while sending all our money to those who would kill us. Brilliant!!



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