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If those were not shortened, no flesh would be saved...

Not a big KJV fan, but this translation illustrates an interesting theory on Genesis 6:9:

These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

The Nephilim were intermarrying. I am no Hebrew scholar, but the phrase "perfect in is generations" was said to be more of a reflection on his uncorrupted human DNA. Certainly he was a just man and walked with God. Of couse all have sinned, so saying that he was "perfect" is confusing.

If this interpretation is correct, then the flood didn't come until without intervention "no flesh would be saved".

God loves parallels and this may indeed be a parallel with the trouble that is coming to this world. Once people take the mark, they are sealed to satan, just as those born to the Nephilim were sealed.

If the days are not cut short "no flesh will be saved". Everyone will take the mark or die.

God is good.


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  1. nice post!!!,...i get it n see it. Yep, VERY INTERESTING TO CONSIDER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> tony in vt, thank you,..good observation!



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