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Rapture mocked, Christ and His White Horse Burned and Killed... Utterly Appalling

Rapture Palooza, a movie soon coming out depicting the events of Revelation, takes a terrible twist: it mocks every part of it.  A man is raptured off of a toilet, and the most disgusting thing I have ever seen: Christ coming through the clouds on a white horse is shot down and shown burning on the ground.  Ready for this sick world to be righted by my Savior.  How dare they depict Him like that.

In other news: all women in New York City are now completely free to be topless in public.  They now have absolute freedom: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/16/nyregion/a-police-roll-call-reminder-women-may-go-topless.html?_r=0

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