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Jesus Was Beaten Almost Beyond Human Recognition

Growing up, I was used to seeing polite images of Christ on the Cross.  A few trickles of blood and a conveniently placed loin cloth.

The real Jesus was completely naked (no loin cloth) and beaten and scourged to the point that "one would scarcely know he was a man" (Isaiah 52:14).

The real crucifixion was far more violent than even Mel Gibson could portray in The Passion of the Christ.  Based on the Shroud of Turin (which I am 99% convinced is the real deal), our LORD was covered from His shoulders all the way to His feet, both front and back, in scourge stripes.  His front, his back, his shoulders, his legs, and his arms were destroyed.

Images based on the Shroud of Turin:

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  1. I agree. When Mary didn't recognize him in the garden on the men on the road to Emmaus, it was because of His scars. When He appeared to Thomas and pointed out His wounds, wouldn't He have had had all of them? Not just His wrists, feet and side?

    1. Mary didn't recognize Him because it was dark, she was crying, and because she turned away from the man she was speaking with. The scriptures tell us this from clues taken from all four accounts. It's really that simple.

  2. you cannot kill the fire that burns inside,.......He's Alive,...tony in vt

  3. Well said Mr. Tony. He is indeed very much alive.

  4. I agree He was a mess on the cross, but I also believe the Lord had the ability to regenerate His physical appearance to whatever degree He desired.

    For example, on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24), the disciples didn't recognize Him as Jesus, but neither did they shrink in horror at His appearance. They didn't say, "Dude, get to a hospital!" They spoke to Him like a normal person, and after the Lord opened the Scripture to them, "their eyes were opened, and they recognized him, and he vanished out of their sight." This is spiritual, not physical.

    We know from John 20 that Jesus still has the scars of the Crucifixion, which I personally believe are the only marks on His body He deliberately kept, and He kept them for a reason. I believe He kept them so that the following prophecy can be fulfilled:

    "I will pour on the house of David, and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication; and they will look to me whom they have pierced; and they shall mourn for him, as one mourns for his only son, and will grieve bitterly for him, as one grieves for his firstborn." (Zechariah 12:10)

    The wounds He received in the house of His friends are the very wounds by which they will recognize Him when He returns--proof positive.

  5. While I believe that Jesus was indeed beaten beyond measure, the Shroud of Turin has been proven to be a fabricated hoax. Nothing that comes out of the Roman Catholic Church can be trusted as authentic.

    1. So the Bible can't be trusted as authentic? Good luck with that one Mr. Sola Scriptura!

    2. You have revealed your limited grasp of all the facts that go into the forensics of the Shroud. You defer to lying quacks and shroud haters weak opinions when you say, "...has been proven to be a fabricated hoax." I have digital copies of the actual fabric threads inspected by a highly qualified team of NON-BIASED scientists. When critics claim the image was faked, then how do they explain that every single thread that was pigmented with a brownish dark color (blood and body juices), Electron microscopes reveal that ONLY EVERY OTHER thread was pigmented. The unpigmented threads between were completely devoid of any color pigment. So there goes the theory that someone painted the pigments. Even if you tried to duplicate that coloring effect with today's sophisticated equipment, you couldn't possibly color EVERY OTHER THREAD and not contanminate the blank threads in between. The threads in between the pigmented threads were all neutral. Furthermore, there is evidence of radiation that penetrated through the fabric in a sudden burst of energy. The evidence is left on the fabric and through sophisticated radiation instruments that can detect the most minute amounts of radiation on the body outline and marks, BUT NOT ON THE FABRIC background or borders.

  6. his visage so marred he did not even look human according to isaiah 52. hard to fathom isn't it?.....
    since the head piece was a separate piece of cloth from the rest of it, i don't think the shroud of turin is His. and the image of the face of it from pictures i've seen look to perfect and normal. Jesus did not look normal (so marred as the Bible said) at that point and would have been much bloodier. another reason i think it is not authentic is because God knows how people idolize "sacred" articles so i think God let it disappear so the focus would be on Jesus and not on what was only wrapping His body. people tend to make idols out of anything...everything. and i think God has many things to show us when we are in heaven and have perfect understanding to grasp what really went on. is so overwhelming none of us can take it all in now. for those reasons i think the shroud is only a distraction. just my two cents..
    i still check in here from time to time. have an ailing 88 yr old daddy to tend to these days so not here to look at the site as often. thanks always for the good articles.


  7. The gold and gem covered Satan, not looking like what the misinforming church says, tried to get Jesus to use infinite power to save himself. No one could kill Jesus. He laid his life down taking it again. Jesus obeyed the Unseen Father perfectly. That is why Jesus raised up from the dead.



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