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Post number 1,000

I would never have thought back in 2009 when God began to reveal to Gary and I along with thousands of others across the globe of His soon return that I would have turned in a prophecy student and helped author a thousand posts on the subject.

Fascinating how much we have been given in these last 4-5 years.

We are now so very close and I am all too ready to go.

Hosea 4 - Bird and Fish death

Psalms 83 - Israel surrounded and the war is ready to begin

Isaiah 17 - Damascus about to be removed from being a city

Isaiah 19 - Egypt civil war, cruel leadership and massive Nile drought

Ezekiel 28 - Lebanon judged - Satan judged

Ezekiel 29 - Egypt disaster

Ezekiel 30 - Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia

These and so very much more have been revealed.

The coming rapture, the meaning of the 7 high holy appointed days from Leviticus 23, the judgement of God on those that mess with Israel, the coming fulfillment of Revelation 12 in the middle of the tribulation, perhaps in 2017.

We're leaving.  The Restrainer is leaving.  All hell is about to break out on this earth.

Be ready.

Tell someone.

Maranatha!  Come quickly Lord.

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