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2014-01-13 More Signs

Just thinking.

The blood moon tetrad is close.

The Rev 12 mid-trib have been found at Rosh 2017.  Back up 3 1/2 and you have Passover 2014.

What could make the Palestinians and Israelis sign a deal in 60 days.

The Psalms 83 war when Israel dominates and pushes her enemies way back.

Shouldn't we be looking at activities in Jordan?

Massive troop build up in Jordan valley

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  1. If the Messiah were to return on the feast day of the trumpet ( this feast day in the fall is the first fall feast and the next in the series to be fulfilled ) then mid-trib cannot fall on Rosh (Sept).
    Because if it did then 3 1/2 years later, the second coming would fall around March (count 6 months from September to March).

  2. There is an assumption that the signing of the peace deal, the tribulation and the rapture all happen on the same day. I'm not sure that's true. If the signs that have been found linking the Revelation 12 mid-trib sign and Rosh 2017 is true, then the start of all of this would be soon. Perhaps the church leaves before the peace deal? Triumphal entry? Passover? Easter? Ascension? Pentecost or as late as Rosh, although the trib would be underway and we are not appointed for wrath.

  3. Greg,

    The Bride would have been raptured before the signing of the peace treaty under the auspices of the Antichrist. The Antichrist will not be revealed publicly before the rapture has taken place.
    The opening of the seals will trigger the Day of the Lord. Since the rapture has not taken place yet, there is no such thing as ' the first seal has been opened, or the second, etc.'

    Last year there was an article about a possible tribulation period 2014-2021 (theory) on this forum.
    That could be possible because the 7-year period starting Rosh 2014 until Rosh 2021 contains 86 moons ( http://endtimepilgrim.org/metonic.htm ).

    IF the 2014-2021 period is correct then the peace treaty could be signed around Rosh 2014.
    If that is the case, rapture must take place before that.
    Would it not be neat if the rapture takes place on Pentecost in June 2014?
    Church Age started on Pentecost and perhaps will end on Pentecost.
    After the rapture there would be such financial chaos and big earthquakes everywhere that people will be so terrified that they will accept anyone who they think can solve the financial mess.

    Anyway, we can expect something major happening to Israel during this last tetrad of 2014/15.
    It is quite possible that it involves wars and then the building of the third temple.

  4. I agree. It's all coming together and we are close.

  5. Shalom, The Lord showed me this several years ago, before the info about the tetrads came out. But they serve to confirm my 'Psalm 119: Time Frame for the End of Days.'




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