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2014-01-30 News

Russia Financial Crisis

China Financial Crisis

U.S. Financial Crisis

China 14 year financial low

Stocks slide

North Korea nuclear reactor restarted

California drought

Monarch butterflies disappearing

Joblessness grows

North Korea building long range missile launch facility

Sometimes I am accused of being all doom and gloom.  I suppose you could read our blog that way.

At face value that is just what it looks like.  Sad sack, doom and gloom...blah...blah...blah....

That's not the intention.

I've come to the place where the more absurd and the more cataclysmic the news, the more I am assured, that we must be leaving, because life on this planet is unsustainable.  We are quickly heading to a brick wall. A large series of dominoes are qued up and ready.

From that I smile and say okay - Christ is coming for His bride and I'm leaving.  No worries no stress.  It's all good.

My burden and passion is that you would know that peace and because I know most do not, I am deeply grieved for you.

He told us to watch for the signs.  So I am.  I see them.  They're obvious now.

Instead of ignoring the news, being depressed by it, by sobered to learn this is all coming to a head and if you are safe in His protection, then smile, laugh and in your joy, won't you be urgent to tell someone?


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  1. Great commentary Dad! I agree completely. This is only doom and gloom for those who are invested in making this planet / current life their heaven. For these this blog is probably very disconcerting.

  2. I agree. My eyes are on the horizon of the eastern sky.



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