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2014 Movies

Open Grave - Waking up with the dead - January 3rd (sounds like hell)

Pompeii - No Warning No Escape - February 21st

Repentance - February 28th

The Son of God - February 28th

Divergent - Conformity - March 21st

The Galapagos Affair - Satan Came to Eden - April 4th

Heaven is For Real - April 16th - 3 days before Easter

The Purge 2 - June 20th

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction - June 27th

Deliver us from Evil - July 2nd

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - July 11th

Guardians of the Galaxy - August 1st

Exodus - December 12th

The Woman in Black: Angels of Death


Eminem has The Rapture 2014 tour.  By all appearances, it's a good year for a tour so aptly named.

Just movie titles, except I believe we are at the time of the end of the age and that God is shouting His warnings from every venue.  Maybe it's not this year, but it is indeed soon.

Many will die.  Many will wake up dead.  There will be no warning.  No escape.  The Son of God is coming.  The One World Order will insist on conformity.  Any divergence will be met with death.  The Holy Spirit that indwells the church is leaving with the rapture.  Satan and the demons will have free reign for a season.  Satan is coming to whats left of Eden.  Heaven is for Real will remind a remnant of this truth, just before all hell breaks loose.  The purge, extinction and unbridled evil will be released in technicolor.  People will big to be delivered from evil, but their prayers will not be heard.  The guardians of this world will be released.  Satan is a roaring lion seeking those he can devour.  Signourney Weaver will remind those who are left of God's faithfulness in the Exodus, but there are 7 years of waiting, if you can survive.

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