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Happy New Years to all of our readers!

2013 has been a momentous year in my life, going through Re:generation, a year-long Celebrate Recovery program, the largest in the country, at Watermark Community Church in Dallas.  The Lord revealed to me all that was hidden and changed my heart in many ways.  I realize now:

-My desperate need for the Savior, his incalculable worth and my utter depravity.

-I cannot do anything good on my own.  Only through desperate, daily dependence on God can I do good works--and those works He does through me... I am incapable of true good works without His doing.

-The epic war that is raging in my life between the new spirit I have been given and the sinful nature still at work in my flesh.  This is a literal war, every hour, every minute.  My Commander is faithful and He is leading me to victory.

-I am fearful, anxious, lustful, cowardly, despairing, idolatrous, lazy, and self-righteous.  But Christ in me is without fear, pure, courageous, full of hope, faithful, determined, and adorned in true righteousness.

-That I need the edification and spurring-on of true Christian community--going it alone and hiding doesn't work.  God created a family, not one person in solitude.

-God's grace is sufficient, but I'm still struggling daily to trust that.  The enemy continually attacks me with the "what if" fears: "What if I'm not good enough?"  "What if the blood doesn't cover all of my sin?"  "What if in some way my salvation is reliant on my imperfect efforts?"

...Then I am reminded that 'His grace is sufficient', 'there is now no condemnation', 'He Himself bore my sins in His body on the tree', and 'IT IS FINISHED'.

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  1. I read your whole page/ It correlates with everything i have been reading lately. I was introduced at random to Scottie Clarke last fall. Have since been led at random to others too that proclaim the same things. The is a woman that i followed for a series about eschatology and end time events. she is not renown or anything, but confirmed everything as well along with typology about Noahs ark, the 10 virgins, and many many more things where history is in a sense just repeating itself over and over. if you like i will copy and paste the link for you. Her name is Carol Kettering. Just a small no name church in Kinsmen, Ohio. It was exciting to hear about the tetrad and like i said many other things. I am disappointed that there aren't more likes on your page. I like it!!!! It equally upsets me that this message of End time signs and the so soon coming of our Rapture is not being shouted from the rooftops. I am guilty of this too :)) But the pastors i listen to on t.v. like Joseph Prince and others, aren't preaching it either. But i thank God for your tender heart to do the investigating and providing links that actually work!! And arranging it all in a concise format. God bless you, and i am glad you have eyes to see and ears to hear. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    Here is the link in case you're interested.
    First you click on "messages"
    and then click on "click here"
    you can navigate from there starting with
    end times teaching #1


  2. oops, here is the link to their web page.

  3. I agree Greg, very sweet! Gotta love the humble repentant sinners. Jesus does too!:)



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