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Why we could be out of here in April...

1.) One of the most unmistakable signs in our lifetimes, the Revelation 12 sign on Rosh Hashanah 2017 (September 23rd), happens to fall 1260 days / 3.5 years from this mid-April.

2.) The much talked about Blood Moon Tetrads that fall on Jewish holy days are extremely rare and have previously fallen around the years of the Spanish Inquisition, the rebirth of Israel, and the recapture of Jerusalem.  The next tetrad begins THIS APRIL, with the first blood moon falling on April 15, the first day of Passover.

3.) Mid-April has always been a symbolic type of rapture in several ways.  The first way is that Nisan 15 (April 15 this year) is the day of the Exodus (Numbers 33:3)--the symbolism here is uncanny: physically saved by lamb's blood (Jesus), the Israelites were freed from Egypt (the world) and set out for the Promised Land (Heaven).  The second way is that mid-April, the Feast of First Fruits, is the date on which Christ rose from the dead, and according to Matthew 27, the date on which the Old Testament saints rose from the dead.  The rapture is part of this same "First Resurrection".

4.) The 9-Month Peace Process: the world has set its mind on dividing God's land.  The U.S., Israel, and Palestine established this 9-month long process (interestingly the length of a pregnancy), which happens to end at the end of April.  Could God honor this final drive towards a false peace by giving the world what it wants?

5.) According to TorahCalendar.com, April of this year contains the very first day of year 6000 since Creation.
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  1. I sure hope so!! I want to go home! Feeling more and more out of place in this evil world every day. Come Lord Jesus!

  2. Rapture could happen at any time without requiring precondition of a prior event.
    However, signing the peace treaty by April 2014 is not likely.
    Kerry's framework proposal is a non-starter. Israelis are unlikely to agree to let Jerusalem be divided again, and the Palestinians are unlikely to accept and recognize a Jewish state.
    Furthermore, bear in mind that a peace treaty is usually signed after the end of the war by the warring parties concerned.
    We only have 2 1/2 months left before mid April 2014.
    First they need to agree on a framework for the peace treaty, then they need to work out the details. When accepted by both parties the peace treaty still need to be ratified by the Knesset.
    Come April 2014 and we will see whether 'the Revelation 12 - theory' is valid.



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