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2014-02-01 News

DOW down another 150 points

Begley recap

Volcano - 14 dead

Flooding - Severe in Italy

Winds / Rain - Apocalyptic - U.K. - 150 mph

Polar Vortex Remains - Michigan

Snow - 1000 evacuated in Serbia (don't they know how to handle snow in Belgrade?  bet it's not normal!)

Triple Threat

Flooding - Continues to pummel the U.K. (has God's judgement started for the U.K.?  Fukushima Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Phillippines certainly seem to have had their warnings) - USA your turns coming.

From SpaceWeather.com:

INCOMING CME, CHANCE OF STORMS: Big sunspot AR1967 is crackling with solar flares and hurling CMEs into space. The biggest CME so far was propelled away from the sun on Jan. 30th by an M6-class explosion in the sunspot's magnetic canopy. It is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 2nd:

See you tomorrow on Groundhog day.  Here's betting on 6 more week's of winter and what a winter it will be.

How long will the lights be out at the Superbowl?  Was last year a harbinger of something stronger?  Or I'm off my rocker?


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