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What can I say at the end of this day.

Two massive earthquakes.

The Bear of Russia on the move, as Putin prepares for his role in Gog and Magog in the coming years.

America bowing out, doing nothing to help and everything to pressure Israel.  For interfering the U.S. is having rain, drought, sleet, snow, ice, storms, confusion and a crazy pointless stock market.  When we push a little more and Israel conceded, I believe we will be destroyed.  It's going to happen.  It's just a matter of when.

The weather - declares! (crazy)
The earth - declares! (earthquakes/volcanoes/sinkholes)
The heavens - declare! (comets/meteors/CMEs/alignments/tetrads/eclipses)
The economy - declares! (tenuous, overblown, ready to pop)
The chaos of government - declare! (impossibly ruined)
The disaster from Fukushima - declares! (radiation coming)
The pale thin apostasy of the church - declares! (dead dead dead)
Israel back in the land - declares! (May 14th, 1948)
The bird and fish deaths - declare! (Hosea 4)
The rise of Islam - declares!
The destruction of Damascus - declares! (Psalms 83)
The age of Israel - declares!
The 2010 Israel California gray whale - declared!
The movies - declare!
The Word - DECLARES!
The Spirit - IS DECLARING!
The Bridgegroom - IS PREPARING!
The Federation of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Russia, China and Jordan - is declaring!

Maranatha!  Make disciples!
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