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2014-2015 Convergence

The breaking of the water for the delivery and the birth pangs began 10 years ago (perhaps) - here.

Deuteronomy 30-32 parallels with prophecy - points to 2014

Blood Moon Tetrad - points to 2014

The Calendar - points to 2014
      The Resurrection was on Sunday April 5th, 33AD.
      Hosea 6:1-2 after two days He will revive us.
      John 4:39-43 Jesus stayed with the Gentiles for two days
      Revelation 2:10 We will be persecuted for 10 days
     4-5-33ad x 360 = 723,600
     4-5-33ad + 723,600 days = 5-28-2014.
     5-29-2014 = Ascension Day.
     Torah Calendar - points to 2014.  We are right at the end of the 6000 year mark.  Now we get a rest.

The coming peace treaty - points to 2014
The great delusion - points to something now. Note the NASA program is largely unable to go hunting for those taken captive.  The Shuttle fleet is in moth balls.
The perilous economics - point to something now
The Iranian nuclear threats - point to something now
The destruction of Damascus - points to something now

The Joseph Kahn Isaiah 9:10 prediction points to ties to the Blood Moon tetrads and 29th of Alul 2015 (Sabbatical Year).

The Revelation 12 heavenly alignment points to Rosh Hoshanna 2017 - Scottie Clark - YouTube Eternal Rhythm Flow.  This is a mid-tribulation event (middle of the 7 year tribulation).  Back up 3 1/2 and you have the Spring of 2014, right at Passover/Easter.

The movies are screaming Son of God, Noah, God's not dead, Genesis, Final: The Rapture, Earth to Echo, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Vatican Tapes, Interstellar, Pompeii,     .  Check out the sci-fi 2014 themes here.

Resurrection TV series.  People leave and then come back.

Meteors, Asteroids and Comets.

Fukushima radiation - this world is not sustainable without divine intervention.

Coronal Mass Ejections keep making the news.

U.S. Drought.  Israel Drought, Worst drought in 1000 years, Iran drought, East Africa drought.

Water blood red in India here.

Russia, China and Iranian confederacy - ready.  Ezekiel 38-39.

Read Isaiah 17, Psalms 83, Isaiah 19, Jeremiah 49, Ezekiel 28-39, Zechariah 12, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and much more.

All of the signs have a point.  God is purposeful.

It is all coming together!

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  1. Thank you for your site!

    However, can you please elaborate on the line:
    4-5-33ad x 360 = 723,600

    I have no idea how you calculate a date by a number. 723600/360=2010, so 4-5-33=2010? But why?

  2. Wow - where have I been. Sorry to have missed your question.

    A Jewish year has 360 days (12 - 30 day months). They don't use our 365.24 solar calendar.

    Jewish years are an usual combination of Solar and Lunar.



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